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18 September 2015

The story of the Irish Tech scene in the next few years will be about companies building great product from here. Our clients and friends have great ambitions and we aim to help them make an impact in the world. Some of our clients will redefine their categories, some will make a global impression. If you want to be part of delivering that, let us know how you can help.

Beachhut_Logo_largeSo far, we are a small team of people with very interesting and varied backgrounds. I was Communications Director for Havok and Demonware back in the day, both games middleware companies. Mark was a producer and journalist at Newstalk and then Head of Press with the Web Summit. We both love working with startups from the earliest stages through to whatever success looks like for the entrepreneur. We get to be adjacent to some of the most exciting creators and guide them on all aspects of their company communications strategy.

We only work with companies who are building world class product, attracting the best engineers and UI/UX talent on the planet. We firmly believe that the next chapter for Ireland will be the emergence of homegrown and hybrid multinational companies building the new new things. We will excel at bringing those stories to the world’s attention.

home-events-2You don’t necessarily need to understand the tech but you need to appreciate the impact it may make in the world and convey that message with clarity and passion. We need someone who can tailor the message of our clients to meet the needs of both the Tipperary Star and the New York Times – that scenario actually happened this week already! We also throw the coolest events in the tech scene or hijack and enhance other peoples but you probably have to experience that rather than take our word for it. From Flounders for failed founders to Startup Wakes, we refuse to host just another boring conference.

We don’t really know who the next person to join us will be but we are open to being persuaded that it should be you. Please drop kristin@beachhutpr.com a line after checking out our clients and website for more of a flavour of our way of working. I promise you won’t be bored.

You’ll find details about the roles here:

Account Manager

Account Executive

Account Executive Intern

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