Mark Little

“Paul Hayes has become THE spokesperson for Ireland’s startup community. He has built a reputation based on integrity, charisma and the mother of all networks. Hayes is the ultimate connector, understanding that building great businesses is all about building great relationships. He also has a keen understanding of what it takes for a small Irish idea to make a big impact on the world stage.”

Mark Little, Founder @ Storyful
Dylan Collins

“It’s difficult to express all my experiences with Paul in a single quote. He has been consigliore, hype-man, connector and a force of nature that every startup should be exposed to. I can call Paul at any time for any reason and he will always pick up. Paul is not just company marketing and PR, he is LIFE marketing and PR.

Also, the man married me. Need I say any more?”

Dylan Collins, Founder @ SuperAwesome
Brett Meyers

“Beachhut helps to get our message right so we speak effectively to our audience of expats whether it is on RTE, The Irish Times, CNBC or The New York Times.”

Brett Meyers, CEO and Founder @ CurrencyFair
Will Prendergast

“Beachhut have managed to bring marketing strategy and execution ability under one roof. Their sectoral focus on tech make them all the more effective.”

Will Prendergast, Partner @ Frontline Ventures