Our Clients Include…



Intercom has established a simpler way of businesses communicating directly with their customers. Intercom is one place for your entire business to see and talk to customers, have live conversations and send targeted messages to website visitors and users of your app.

Intercom has five different packages designed for a specific job. Each package suits a different function within the business which includes observe, acquire, engage, learn and support. Intercom works across all major platforms – web, iOS and Android.

Thousands of companies use intercom to connect with hundreds of millions of users. Intercom has a customer following worldwide and its continued success paves the way for further global growth.




CurrencyFair was created so that that ordinary people and businesses would have access to the same great exchange rates for international currency transfers normally reserved only for banks and market professionals dealing in millions.

Three expats had experienced first-hand what a blatant rip-off international money transfers could be; both in poor exchange rates and high international wire fees. These same three expats were are also ex-bankers so they felt that they had the knowledge, the experience, and the network to come up with a better system. So that’s exactly what they did with CurrencyFair!




Adaptive provides clients with software solutions and value-adding partnerships that deliver a business discipline of data governance, control and innovation to the enterprise.

The Adaptive data governance platform enables you to always see where your data is stored, what that data means, how your data flows around your organization, and the impact of intended or unintended transformations on it.

Industries currently served include Financial Services, Government Agencies, Healthcare, Energy and many other regulated industries, where compliance and data governance are critical to operational and strategic success.




NewsWhip helps you to find clearer signals in digital noise. NewsWhip is a Next Generation Social Signals Platform for Professionals in News, Publishing, Marketing and Communications.

The platform scans the whole Internet for a range of content objects – including news items, blogs, pictures, videos and more – seeing every engagement they get. Tracking millions of stories a day, across two billion social media users, NewsWhip products give you the comprehensive view of what’s important to any audience right now, how to exploit these insights and how to benchmark and boost your social publishing performance.




Cian O’Maidin and Richard Roger formed nearForm in 2011, their vision was to transform the way that software is built: they wanted to build software that actually worked. Cian and Richard were among Europe’s first software experts to adopt the new software technology Node.js and then similarly a short time later they did the same by embracing microservices.

The main goal was that nearForm would create software for large enterprise clients. Today, nearForm is still leading the pack with its early-adopter expertise in two software game-changing technologies.

The nearForm difference is that they take responsibility for people’s success. nearForm don’t just consult and train, they actually work with individuals to build and deliver better products, faster. nearForm’s success in client projects to date straddles the financial, media, travel, education and enterprise software sectors.